How to mix majirel hair dye and vol

How to mix majirel hair dye and vol Majirel on a family member just familiarizing myself with the mixing ratio to developer.
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So before you go ahead and do that you might want to find out what porportions she used.
I know that someone on here recommended the above type but im not sure what mix I need.
After having my ds2 I started doing it myself using the permanent ones from the chemist but just found them to look very orange at the roots.
I tend to use a third of a tube with a bit of the warmer shade mixed in each time.
I also find you can use an old bottle saved from a chemist brush but it can sometimes be too thick.
Majirel permanent colour is specially formulated to cater for all clients colour requirements from subtle blondes to vibrant colours to complete coverage of white hair.
VIRGIN HEADS Always pre soften the lengths and ends of virgin hair with liquid 20 or 30 volume peroxide and dry in under a warm dryer.
COLOURING WHITE HAIR The white hair technique must be followed for optimum results.
RULES FOR COVERING WHITE HAIR Use corresponding basic shade or golden basic shade.
Determine development time required on mid lengths and ends using the table below.
Start taking the remaining mix through 5 minutes prior to the required development time.
COLOUR MATCHING To replace the warmth in hair which is too light STEP BY STEP Apply the target shade to regrowth area.
Add 3cm of colour matching shade to remaining mix then apply immediately to mid lengths and ends Set the timer for 35 minutes.
COLOURING WITH MAJIROUGE Majirouge can be used for all over reds or for high fashion creative techniques.
COVERING WHITE HAIR Mix Majirouge with Majirel Golden Basics to cover white hair.
HEALTH AND SAFETY As with all permanent colours a sensitivity test is always advisable.
Next apply your chosen shade to the mid lengths and ends and leave for 15 minutes.
Then apply the appropriate shade of majirel mixed with 20 vol Oxydant onto lengths and ends.
Always carry out a skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to any colour application.
COLOURING WITH CARE Composite colours contain specific conditioning agents to ensure superb shine and condition The technology combines lower levels of ammonia and a new formulation of colourants to give colour results which are even from roots to ends.
FLUIDE ADJUST A thickening syrup which is used to thicken the consistency of any Soft or Plus Composite colour shade.
This will ensure that when using hair painting techniques the Composite shades will not bleed making it ideal for high fashion techniques.
On light natural bases the colour result will be more noticeable than on dark natural bases.
HEALTH AND SAFETY As with all permanent colours a skin sensitivity test is always advisable.
DEVELOPING MAJIMECHE Majimeche is developed for 35 minutes without heat and 15 minutes with heat.
REMOVING MAJIMECHE Always rinse thoroughly and shampoo with Optimiseur Post Colour Shampoo.
MAJIMECHE TIPS The flexible oxydant quantities allow for variable working textures according to your requirements.
The stability of Majimeche will ensure that the product does not expand even when using heat.
PLATINE PRECISION High precision formula for both natural hair and coloured hair.
Learn how to mix permanent color with tips from a professional hair stylist in this free beauty guide video.
It says to mix 1 part Wella Color Charm with 2 parts Wella Color Charm developer.
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A color match shade is a Marjirel shade that is warmer and the same level or darker than your target shade.
I should be so so grateful for any help you could give me to match the current colour also.
I would suggest majirel as being your best bet as it is the most similar to the crescendo.
There is an instruction sheet inside the majirel box and it includes the mixing quantities and development time.
You can do this by taking slices about 1cm apart and working from the top of the head to the bottom of each section.
If the ends need a little refreshing you can take the colour through for the last 5 minutes of development time.
For example in the winter when we have central heating on and windows closed all day it gets really warm indoors and so the colour develops quicker so I take it off a few minutes earlier.
But on a cold winter morning before the central heating kicks in the colour will take a little longer to develop.
MartinSLewis after 23 loyal years I have switched from Barclays to First Direct.
A skin allergy test must be completed before each application of any hair colorant.

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