Hair and beauty business name ideas

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But companies could actually monetize their brands directly and generate revenue from them at no cost to their customers.
I am thinking it should begin with A so that it is listed early in the phone book and yell.
I want to show you what I would do in the online and social marketing space if I owned a hair and beauty business.
Make sure your website changes regularly and provides up to date content as well as giving the readers some idea of who is behind the brand and the business.
I would then create a second blog and also create a persona to be the author of it.
The persona would be a pseudo staff member at the store like Little Vivo Lady from Vivo Cafe  and Lily Stemms from Tynte Flowers .
Build a committed and interested fan base on Facebook and you will keep those fans forever.
This works well to provide an air of exclusivity as well as growing the numbers of likers on the page.
The majority of pages still have an image that is only 200 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.
Make sure all of them are optimised and sized correctly to look great and deliver some branding message too.
All of this content is really searchable and engaging for people who might be shopping around to find a new stylist.
I would include LOTS of before and after photos of your work on the Facebook Page whether it be hair or make up or cosmetic treatments.
This can be such an engaging and powerful tool to promote the quality of your work but also to convince people who are thinking about getting a similar treatment or style that it will look great on them.
They can present an extra dimension to your business that might be the deciding factor on whether someone is going to switch salons and become your client or not.
Make sure you get some quality images of the products from the suppliers who should be more than happy to help you promote their range online.
Feature events related either directly or indirectly to your business on your Facebook Page.
The great thing about them is that they can become very interactive and very well promoted even before they are even talked about offline .
A new stylist or technician in a hair and beauty business can be a really big deal.
So build some momentum and anticipation of the day they are starting work by creating an event on your Facebook Page.
You can also include a shopping cart on the Facebook Page to sell not only appointments and your services but also your products or the products of your suppliers.
You should run a promotion that is featured only on Facebook and only available to enter if you are a fan of the Facebook Page.
The competition could revolve around a free makeover of some sort and to an agreed value.
The fans have to upload either a photo or video of themselves for example with a short sentence as to why they think they  should win the makeover or something like that.
Facebook Ads on this blog and I would definitely be running some if I was in the hair and beauty industry.
They are great for local marketing and great for targeting new business as well as existing fans.
This will give you a very accurate snapshot of who you are targeting and who might be interested in your brand and special offers on Facebook and so on.
You will be surprised how many of your existing customers will already be using Twitter and will be more than happy to spread your word around for you if they are.
Twitter is also a great way to get new business AND establish your credibility and expertise in the hair and beauty industry.
You can create a following that is really loyal to your brand and your ideas on Twitter.
That same persona could have their own Twitter account and say things that are a little unconventional in comparison to the rest of your marketing.
It is basically a page within the giant YouTube platform where all of the videos that you upload are featured and listed in an organised way.
Remember to brand and customise your channel with your own colours and logos too.
I would definitely do some videos that focus on new techniques or new styles that your salon could specialise in or that your stylists are particularly good at or well known for.
Video is a great way to introduce your salon but also to introduce individual staff members to the community as well.
When you optimise and tag this video really well you also get the added bonus of some serious Google love as well.
One of the biggest reservations that salon owners have when I tell them they have to create some online video is that they have nothing to make videos about.
Video also allows you to position yourself really well as an expert in your field.
It might also help in recruiting other great stylists from other salons into your business.
Quick Response or QR Codes act as that elusive bridge between the offline marketing and online marketing of your business.
But when they are scanned with a smartphone the scanner is then directed to whatever website or online presence you want to send them to.
I would also use a QR code on a DL flyer or other offline hard copy promotional material.
These can be left instore or given out in the local area by promotional staff you can hire for the day or by your own salon staff to drum up new business.
They can also be an entry into a competition or giveaway promotion of some sort to get new business through your door.
Podcasts are just audio recordings that you can host either on your own website or Facebook Page or on iTunes so that people everywhere can download them and listen to them.
These are a great way to again establish your credibility and expertise in your market and can be aimed completely at other people in your industry for the same reasons as in point 27 above.
Another way to use these is to interview industry people or even just your regular clientele and record it for others to listen to.
AND potential new business that you know what you are doing and have some pretty specific expertise to impart.
This can also be a great way to establish an alternate revenue stream as you can sell tickets to your webinars also.
Please let me know if you need any help with implementing some of these in your business.
Is there like a quick list of perhaps a step by step formular that one can follow.
Please give me advise on what you would recommend as the best way to introduce a new hair brand in a neighbouring country.
And also if you can give me a heads up on how long it will probably take for me to create awareness for the hair brand in that country.
Choosing a hair salon business names is a complex process and should be considered.
I really need help with the name of a Mobile hair and beauty business which is cute and catchy.
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Perfect example of a startup entering a staturated health and beauty market and creating a niche untouched market segment for themselves.
Taking weekly visits to the hair salon is a costly and time consuming luxury that not everyone can afford.
Founder of Blow Dry Bar  Nathan Cuneen has brought the concept to Australia after spotting the concept in New York about a year ago.
Blow Dry Bars are a chain of express beauty salons offering a Blow Drying service only.
Perfect example of new concept targeting a niche problem area of a well established saturated market.
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The listings are told to supply a bit of information to assist and distinguish their company.

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